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After all the anticipation, the “Beautiful Scars” documentary official preview/AVP has been successfully released! Yay! Super thanks to all of you who took 6 minutes of your precious time to watch it and share the video to make our project known.

So far, we have been receiving a very wonderful and encouraging feedback. That gives me and my team more motivation to keep on with the mounting of this passion project that truly serves a great purpose for the betterment of breast cancer care in the Philippines.

So now that the much awaited preview/AVP is out… what’s the next move?

Now comes the hard part… it’s time to hunt for investors, co-producers and sponsors that we can pitch to who could provide the necessary resources and distribution. The documentary is only 35% done and for us to finish it, funding is very crucial at this point.

We are currently in the process of crafting the right presentation deck and proposal letter so that we can start reaching out to potential individuals and establishments who could be interested in partnering with the production of this compelling documentary. Meanwhile, we ask for your continued support by continuing to spread the word about our project and praying that we attract the right people and opportunities who will support us in producing this.

Oh, and if you or anyone you know would be interested to sponsor, invest or collaborate with us, we’d be glad to hear your ideas. Kindly email at or leave a message at one of our social media platforms (Instagram & Facebook).

Stay tuned here for more updates and progress about the documentary production! For now, here’s some of the behind the scene photos during our shoot when I was in Manila last April.

Winning With You,

JAYMEE & the BeauScars Team

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