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At last! The official website of “Beautiful Scars” Documentary is finally up and running! WOOHOO! I’d also like to present our official trailer/AVP! Me and my humble crew worked really hard to create it in the short amount of time that I was visiting Manila last April and May 2022. I was in tears as I first laid my eyes on it. Ah! The fruits of our hard work is out on the tube! What a fulfillment!!!

As of writing this, it’s been almost 2 weeks since I got back to the US from Manila. And I must say, the recovery hasn’t been easy. (I will elaborate more on another blog post about this!) I do miss the Philippines so much but after all the hospitalization I experienced there, I really had no choice but to fly back to the US where my medical team is and where my insurance covers the expenses. I wanted to stay longer so I could spend more time with family and loved ones as well as continue my other plans such as more shoots, guestings and pictorials. But I have to take care of myself first. Hopefully, I can come back in the near future stronger and better.

You may be wondering what gave birth to this documentary? I was actually approached by some creatives here in California to do a documentary about my story. I was open to it but the timing wasn’t right because I was about to visit the Philippines. We, then, agreed that we would reconnect when I came back. It sparked an idea for me though. I thought, “Why not make a documentary of my homecoming to Manila as a breast cancer survivor for the Filipino audience?” That should be interesting too!

I, then, connected with the production people I worked with from before when I was still doing TV in the Philippines then one thing led to another. Before I realized it, a production team was formed with the idea that we will tackle the real deal of the breast cancer health care situation in the Philippines as well as exposing how Filipina breast cancer warriors from all walks of life survive. We will start it out with my story to jumpstart everything, then the rest will unfold. And as I packed my luggages and took that long flight, the documentation started.

The making of this documentary had its rough patches. We had limited funds, time and crew. And the worst, I, the executive producer and main storyteller, had a cancer progression that caused me to get admitted twice in the hospital. Instead of focusing on the production, my crew had to worry and in some instances, take care of me along the way. It did make our content so raw and much more interesting. But it took a really heavy toll on my finances, physical and mental health as well as the crew’s time and effort. Yet through it all, we did what we could by creating the teasers, AVP and this website as planned. And I couldn’t be any prouder.

On behalf of my awesome, hard working crew, I’d like to welcome you to the birth of “Beautiful Scars” Documentary! I hope you’ll be part of our journey as we join forces in making this documentary full blown as we elicit some funding and sponsorship. Please join us in making the Filipina breast cancer warrior stories be heard and for the breast cancer health care situation in the Philippines to improve. With one support at a time, we will get there.

With Hope & Gratitude,

JAYMEE & the BeauScars Crew :)

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